Where Tradition Meets Today..

We are an award-winning Italian pizzeria with a creative twist, where you can enjoy modern Italian cuisine in a casual and friendly atmosphere.  We source high quality ingredients and freshly prepare everything from scratch, pushing everyday to innovate whilst never forgetting our Italian roots.   Welcome to Alla Torre and taste the difference!


    Our pizza dough is made from imported wheat and is naturally leavened, making it easier

 to digest and safer for those with wheat or gluten sensitivities.

   Our thin crust pizzas are hand stretched and baked in our special brick oven giving them great texture and taste.  

    Our tomato sauce is made fresh in our kitchen from Italian pelati tomatoes. Delicate taste, a perfect balance of sweetness and acidity. 

    From extra virgin olive oil to the highest-quality mozzarella in the world (buffalo) we source the freshest and finest products locally and from around the world.  

    Our pizzas are baked directly on the stone surface, giving them a crispy crust and authentic, rustic, fire-baked taste.

- 2020 Outstanding Pizza of the Year 年度杰出披萨 (That's Shanghai)

- 2020 Outstanding Pizza of the Year 年度杰出披萨 (That's PRD)

- 2019  Best 100 Restaurants 上海热门餐厅评选精致生活

- 2019  People's Choice Best Margherita Pizza 人民之选最佳玛格丽特披萨 (Sherpa's)

- 2017  Best Quality Delivery Brand 外卖风向标品质为王品牌 (饿了么)

- 2016  Best Italian Restaurant in Shenzhen 最佳深圳意大利餐厅 (That's PRD)

- 2015  Best Pizza in Shekou 蛇口最佳披萨 (Shekou Daily)

- 2015  Best Pizza Honorable Mention最佳披萨 (City Weekend)

- 2015  Best Child-Friendly Restaurant 最佳儿童聚会餐厅 (That's Shanghai)

- 2014  Best Pizza Winner 最佳披萨 (City Weekend)

- 2013  Best Pizza Honorable Mention 最佳披萨 (City Weekend)

- 2012  Best Pizza Honorable Mention 最佳披萨 (City Weekend)